Magni Ásgeirsson

Magni Ásgeirsson

Interview with Magna Ásgeirsson


Where are you from?

Guðmundur Magni Ásgeirsson from Borgarfirði eystri -but currently i live in Akureyri

In what band are you and what instrument do you play?

Singer & guitar player in the band Á móti sól (Against the sun) & Killer Queen as well i own my own band

What is your favorite instrument?

The guitar gives me endless amazement as well a good violin play is very pretty._MG_9511

Most infuential musicians?

Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke

What would be your dream musicians to play with?

The same as above “smile emoticon”

Your favorite music festival in Iceland

Bræðslan! (I’m the organizer of the festival… )

What instrument would you like to learn at this point?

I really want to learn to play on piano but its probably to hard to teach and old dog new tricks.

Sound is very important to musicians what are your favorite headphones?

I currently own few very nice, my wife gave me one for christmas present with i use with my vinyl but all around i use ultimear in-ear headphone for mp3 stuff

How do you vision sales on music in the future?


Can you describe a day in your life?

The days go thinking about the family (3 boys) and plan the weekends – they are usualy occupied in traveling and playing

Where and when will your next concert be?

Killer Queen at the Græni Hatturinn and in Fjarðaborg in Borgafirði next weekend

What is ahead for you and your co workers?

Hold the festival Bræðslan and play

Your favorite albums?

In rainbows / radiohead og Ten / pearl jam

Do you want to tell us something for the last question ?



Magni Ásgeirsson


Magni heldur tónleika á Græna Hattinum með ásamt hljómsveit sinni Killer Queen, hægt er að nálgast miða hér á heimasíðu Græna Hattsins og í Eymundsson.

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