Dirty Immigrant - Stand up comedy

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Victor Pãtrãşcan is a pretentious stand up comedian and outrageous
social commentator who lives in London, but who was made in Romania.
Victor has told jokes in English in front of a crowd of people in the
UK, Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland,
Finland, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria,
Norway, Hungary and Romania.

In 2019 and 2020 Victor topped the rankings of Roast Battle London
Premier League. During the same years, Victor started touring his solo
stand up comedy show called The Trouble with being Born Romanian
throughout Europe with shows in over 30 cities. Since the beginning of
2021, he’s been touring extensively throughout Europe with his new show
the Dirty Immigrant.. He recently appeared as a special guest on the
Romanian TV show iUmor where he scared a few people with his jokes. For
more information about Victor’s shows please visit victorpatrascan.com


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